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HG.LC offers more than just a link shortening service. With it, you'll have access to powerful tools that help you analyze the effectiveness of your link marketing efforts.

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Perfect For Sales & Marketing

Our URL shortening website is an ideal tool for sales and marketing teams, offering the ability to create custom short links that are easy to share and track. Gain valuable insights with detailed analytics on click-through rates, geographic data, and user behavior, helping you optimize your campaigns and measure their effectiveness. Enhance your brand's visibility and streamline your marketing efforts with our secure, reliable, and user-friendly URL shortening service.

  • Redirection Tools

    Variety of tools for different redirections

  • Powerful Statistics

    Track clicks, referrers and other data easily

  • Beautiful Profiles

    Simple yet beautiful Bio Pages for your links

  • Custom Domains

    Use your own domain name for brand recognition

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Sales & Marketing

URL Shortening Features

We provide you with all the tools you need to increase your productivity. Below is just a sample of the features available.

Custom Landing Page

Go beyond just shortening links. Build trust and brand awareness with custom landing pages that match your brand or campaign. Instead of a generic short link, greet your audience with a professional introduction to your content.

CTA Overlays

CTA (Call-to-Action) overlays are dynamic messages that appear when someone clicks on a shortened URL. These overlays typically encourage specific user actions, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a resource, or following a social media page.

Event Tracking

Event tracking on a shortened link goes beyond clicks. It shows how users interact with shortened links, like which drove more traffic or if they clicked the shortened link itself. This helps understand your audience and refine your shortening strategy.

Team Management

Invite members of your team to join the platform and assign them specific permissions tailored to their roles. This ensures they can effectively manage links, bundles, pages, and other features with precision.

Branded Domain Names

Branded domain names are custom web addresses that incorporate your brand identity. Instead of generic short links, branded domains make your shortened URLs instantly recognizable and trustworthy.

Robust API

Leverage our powerful API to unlock the full potential of URL shortening. Easily integrate with your existing applications, allowing developers to automate tasks and access advanced features.

Invite Team

Invite & Work Together

Easily invite your teammates in just seconds and collaborate seamlessly as a unified team to efficiently manage your URLs, Bio Pages, and QR codes. With our platform, team members can swiftly join your workspace and be allocated specific privileges tailored to their roles, ensuring smooth coordination and enhanced productivity. Whether it's sharing, editing, or tracking links, our intuitive interface empowers your team to streamline workflows and achieve collective goals effectively. Welcome to a collaborative environment where every member contributes to your success.

  • Teeam Members

    Invite teams to work together

  • QR Codes

    Manage and easily create QR codes

  • Bio Profiles

    Create Bio Profiles for each team member

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One short link, many possibilities

Creating a short link can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. It is not just a link, but a resource between your customer and their final destination. When using a short link, you will be able to collect so much data about your users and their behaviors.

Smart Targeting

Target your users to increase your reach and redirect them to a relevant webpage. Ability to add a pixel to retarget them in your social media ad campaign to capture them.

In-Depth Analytics

To improve the performance of your marketing campaign, share your links with your network and track data. Find a target audience that is right for you.

Digital Experience

Use a variety of powerful tools to boost conversions and give your customers a non-intrusive experience without alienating them.

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